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海外: 米任天堂、9月13日にWiiUのプレスイベントを開催

 Nintendo of Americaは、現地時間 orologi-di-design»arredamento-rid-60215019.html. vendita di louboutin2012年9月13日に米ニューヨークにて「Wii U」のプレスイベントを開催します。  海外メディアIGNによると、同社から各メディアに対して招待状が送られているとのこと。Wii Uのプレスイベントは現地時間2012年9月13日 午前10時~午後4時に開催されます。
 招待状には、NOAの社長であるReggie Fils-Aime氏より「Wii Uが、これからゲームとエンターテイメントの未来をどう変えるかお見せします」とのメッセージが記載されています。

 任天堂は、Wii U本体の発売日や価格、発売時のソフトラインナップなどについての詳細を各地域でのプレスイベントにて発表する予定です。
 Wiiの発売日や価格などが発表された「Wii Preview」は日本で2006年9月14日に開催されたことから、今回のイベントで北米での発売日や価格が発表される可能性が高そうです。また、同時期に日本や欧州で同様のイベントが開催される可能性も高いと言えそうです。

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Which industry presents a lot of fine choices for assessment purchasers. The Social appeared to be your best-selling car in the past sixty days of the season, beating the bigger Toyota Camry. This Cruze along with the Aim are profitable high marks for blend of design, conventional tools, overall performance and fuel economy. The actual fifth-generation Elantra totally reset the actual benchmark regarding small in size cars and trucks using its benefits really. Lancer may not be surface of head as group, yet among the lovers, it's Lancer Progression, and also Evo, version is often a star. Any high-performance Evo is designed to forged the halo above the Lancer group. But the mobile will not be glowing adequate compare unique car features between any radiance of the competitors. A choice to buy this Lancer will not likely demand a preventative form in your area. Your awesome sedan delivers our prime standards regarding Japanese high quality, some sort of history which Southern region Korea's Hyundai brand name won't be able to assert. The bottom Delaware cut amount can come full of a new 140-watt AM/FM/CD/MP3 sound system utilizing Digital Indicator Running command as well as five speakers, together with quickness reimbursed sound level and equalization management. Additionally standard tend to be remote keyless admittance in addition to anti-theft website immobilizer, energy door curly hair together with and decorative mirrors utilizing driver-side auto up/down, four-way changeable owner's couch, auto-off halogen headlamps, a tilt-adjusted direction order, as well as a 12-volt strength avenue inside the heart unit that functions very well as the cellular phone 12v charger. Pattern capabilities enclosed on every single 2013 Lancer Environnant les certainly are a blacked-out front side grille and also attractive side surroundings dams. Improve towards $17,095 Lancer ES, therefore you purchase a HDD routing process utilizing tunes remote computer which could hold up to Three,Thousand audio, FAST-Key unaggressive gain access to together with stress and panic aspect, and Merge Handsfree Weblink Procedure intended for operating head unit, apple ipod along with a Bluetooth-enabled cellular attributes implementing express codes. Both 2013 Lancer P as well as ES products tend to be centric by way of a 16-valve 2-liter increase cost to do business cam 4-cylinder website rated at 148 horsepower that has Mitsubishi Modern Valve the right time Electric Control system. Using a continually diverse auto tranny, fuel economy can be rated at Twenty six location miles per gallon along with Thirty four traveling. The normal transmitting is usually a five-speed stay. A The year 2013 Lancer Sony ericsson AWC utilizing all-wheel get is actually operated by the large displacement Only two.4-liter DOHC MIVEC 4-cylinder generator that creates 168 horse power and provides capacity either top as well as all added wheels. A Sony ericsson AWC costs $20,295. Designed for followers, Mitsubishi Lancer GT along with the Lancer Ralliart present inside features and also fantastic effectiveness. Lancer Gt bike capabilities the two.4-liter generator in addition to a short-throw five-speed stick shift. Different provided features about the The year 2013 Lancer Gt bike are usually game entrance bucket seat designs, programmed climate control, sport-tuned headgear, some sort of six-speaker audio system plus 18-inch metal rims. Any GT is priced at $19,995, although the Ralliart will set you back $28,095. Prospective buyers should attain relief with the idea that Lancer makes "Top Basic safety Pick" <a href=http://redbottomshoes-outlet.weebly.com>christian louboutin sale</a> status from the Insurance policy Institute and posesses 10-year powertrain warranty via Mitsubishi. The year 2013 MITSUBISHI LANCER AWC Model: All-wheel-drive, five-passenger, small sedan. Price tag: $20,295 foundation; $22,640 when screened. The place Crafted: Kurashiki, China. Essential RIVALS: Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Car Sentra, Mazda3, Cars Elantra, Nova Jetta, Chevrolet Cruze, Frd Focus, Dodge Dart. Electricity: A pair of.4-liter, DOHC, 168-horsepower 4-cylinder motor; regularly varying programmed sign. FUEL ECONOMY: 21 community, Twenty nine highway, 26 blended mpg; determined yearly energy resource value $2,One humdred and fifty, cost savings for $850 above several years as compared to normal completely new auto. Duration X Fullness A Size: One hundred and eighty x 69.Several times Fifty-eight.4 inches wide. WHEELBASE Times Path: 103.Seven a 58.2 inches. CURB Fat: A pair of,866 weight. STANDARD: Hard disk the navigation program having popular music server which could hold up to Three or more,1000 new music, FAST-Key unaggressive entry by using stress feature, as well as Stiffen Hands free Link System pertaining to operating sound system, mp3 and a Bluetooth-enabled cellular performs working with express directions, out of the way keyless connection together with anti-theft website immobilizer, electricity doorstep a lock and also showcases together with driver-side automatic up/down, four-way adjustable motorist's chair, auto-off halogen headlamps, any tilt-a <a href=http://louisvuitton-borseoutlet.webs.com>Louis Vuitton Outlet</a> djusted steering column, along with a 12-volt electricity outlet in the core system. OPTIONS: Top quality package has sunroof, high quality sound system, leather-based packaged controls ($1,700). E mail Rich Williamson for motorfriend(with)sbcglobal.web Maria Jose Martinez 2013/02/03 AM04:04 Philly -- J.S. Johnson offers click some significant pictures for that Knicks this holiday season, although Saturday overnight, he or she would not click anything at all. Henderson, a team's second-leading scorer, appeared to be 0-for-8 in the subject in addition to presented with no time in the actual Knicks' 97-80 loss to your 76ers. "I could hardly dispose of it all while in the sea,In . he was quoted saying. Robert Woodson said he has been anxious given that Johnson have been affected by the opportunity of late. Henderson stated he's got "probably thinking an excessive amount of." Whilst your dog come to an enormous three-pointer later in Thursday's get around Birkenstock boston, he or she is 3-for-24 over the last not one but two video game titles along with 23-for-86 as part of his very last six. "Major issue,In Woodson proclaimed. "J.3rd thererrrs r. is a large component of what we undertake on both concludes within the flooring. <a href=http://www.longchamp-handbagoutlet.com>Longchamp sale</a> He chemical <a href=http://louisvuittonsitoufficiale.webs.com>Louis Vuitton Outlet</a> idn't possibly develop a chance. That we got that will process the pup d <a href=http://borse-louisvuittonoutlet.webs.com>borse louis vuitton</a> ack to playing like he had been recently actively playing plus <a href=http://www.louis-vuittonborse.com>borse louis vuitton</a> get the pup participating in on a high level, for the reason that we will require it.Half inch Kidd's minutesJason Kidd, who will be Forty with 03, can get a bit of breather because Raymond Felton has returned. Kidd is not going to grumble in relation to his / her minutes, yet Woodson wants to keep your ex razor-sharp for the 2009-2010 nfl season and definitely will try and restrict the minutes that will about 30 to be able to 25. "At essentially the most," he said, "and all those units just about being released the final and lastly 1 fourth.Inches Kidd testified that "sounds great." Couple of years ago, the Mavericks brought Kidd 7 days to remainder him or her for the postseason. Earlier this weeks time, he explained they will not object to of which. "I'll complete anything he desires to undertake,Inches Woodson explained. "That's what amount of When i cost exactly what according to him and in what way he has been sense. He's not planning to declare that whether or not this cant be found useful to your ex together with assisting we. Whatever the guy hopes to perform, I am going to do.In . On the other hand, this upside with Felton's obtaining forgotten 4陆 2 or 3 weeks: The particular bone tissue bruises on of his particular hands and fingers have gotten the perfect time to repair. "I feel as if a new gentleman,In . he was quoted saying. Bob definitely not crossChris Copeland managed Woodson's report which he is not studying challenging or even checking out protection a sufficient amount of, featuring t <a href=http://borse-louis-vuittonoutlet.weebly.com>Louis Vuitton Sito Ufficiale Borse</a> aturity plus professionalism and trust. They areas Woodson along with claims a lot of it has been peak performance. "I'm any newbie,In . stated Copeland, Twenty eight. "I possess a large amount to understand along with he is generally upon myself pertaining to recuperating. That's important. It is this first year. I actually still need a lot to learn about, for sure. "He's an incredible instructor. He's been common the sport for good; they know exactly what he could be sharing. 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pati ne diya dhoka – purva

Author: admin February 20, 2013 228 Comments

Hindi Love Stories


Hello friends, Aaj me aapko apni jindgi ki sachai batane ja rahi hu jo mere sath ho raha h uske bare me bata rahi hu plz.. muje bataiye me kya karu… Hello friends mera name purva sharma h me m.p. se hu or meri shadi u.p bhagwan krishan ki nagri me pichle sal jan. 2012 me hui meri sagai dec me hui thi me bahut khush thi mere pati eng. Ki padai kar rahe the unka last sem project chal raha tha mere sasur ne samne se riste ki bat ki thi mere dad unke ghar gaye the bat karne sab sahi tha uske bad me dad unhe dekhne delhi gaye waha meri unse pahli mulakat hui thi humne ek dusre ke bare khub bat ki mene unhe apne bare me sab kuch bataya me padai me jada hoshiyar nahi hu muje English bhi jada bolna nahi aata sab kuch apne bare me bataya yaha tak ki mene to unse ye bhi pucha ki aap muj jesi ladki mean graduate girl se shadi kyu karma chahte h apni field ki kyu nahi to unhone kaha ki nahi muje apni field ki ladki se shadi nahi karni h or humari bate hoti rahi wo kaffi hoshiyar h padai me or dikhne me bhi kafi handsome h har koi unki personality ko dekh kar fida ho jaye Wese hi me ho gai kya dikhte h or bato se bi unhone mera dil jeet liya humari kafi pasand ek dusre se milti h to mere dad ne jab pucha ki kesa h to mene kaha acha h pasand h or mere dad ne unke dad ko ha me jabab de diya or hum ghar wapas aa rahe the tab raste me unke dad ka phone aaya or unhone bhi kaha ki unhe me pasand aa gai hu or unki mom bhai or dad bhi dekhna chahte h Tab muje agra ke park me dikhaya gaya waha kisi ne kuch nahi pucha mujse or dekh kar roka karne lage tab mene hi kaha ki muje kuch kam nahi aata h meri mom ne kabhi mujse kabhi karwaya nahi h tab mummyji boli ki wo to hum shikha dege or usi din roka kar diya or shadi ki date niklwai kaha ki hum jan . me hi shadi karege mere dad ne kaha itni jaldi kyu thoda to time dijiye ek dum kese hoga par wo log mane nahi kaha ki hoga to jan me hi hoga or mere dad unki bato me aagaye sach to ye tha ki unhe me pasand nahi thi unki life me koi or hi thi but unke dad ko wo rista manjur nahi tha unka bhaia mom unke sath the but dad ke pressure ne unhe majbur kar diya tha or ye bat hume malum nahi thi hume laga ki wok hush h is shadi se ek bar ko muje bhi laga tha ki shayad me unhe pasand nahi hu kyuki wo sagai ke bad mujse bat nahi kiya karte the bahut hi kam kabhi kabhi to men eek din apni mom se kaha ki wo mujse bat nahi karte h bat kya h to meri mom boli esa kuch nahi h shayad busy hoge apne work me is liye nahi kar pata hoga or mene bhi yahi man liya humari shadi ho gai shadi ke bad kuch din to thik chala phir wo delhi chale gaye or me apne ghar phir wo muje lene aaye mere ghar or me apne sasural aagai meri sas ka behavior badla badla sa tha wo bat bat par muj par chilati thi ulta shida khti thi muje kuch samaj me nahi aatha tha ek din unhone muje kitchen me kaha ki tune apne pero par khud kuladi mari h muje is bat ka kuch samaj nahi aaya mere pati bhi delhi se aagaye the unka work khatam ho gaya tha or thoda bahut bacha tha to wo ghar par hi karte rahte the muje laga ab hum honeymoon par jayege par nahi gauye mene unse kaha ki hum honey moon par kab jayege to wo chillane lage kya honeymoon honeymoon laga rakha h nahi jana muje koi honeymoon par or wo lappy lekar sare din bethe rahte kabi work karte uske bad free hote to me sochti ki ab bat karege bolege mujse to game khelne lag jate muje bhi bada ajeeb lagta sasu ma bhi bat nahi karti kuch kam bhi nahi karne deti upar se khati kuch aata jat h nahi mene apne pati se kha ki mom muj par chilati kyu h tum pucho na bat kya h to khte h muje nahi pata kam karo apna samji us din unka bartav dekhkar me ek dum chakit rah gai ki ye wahi banda h jise mene pasand kiya tha jiski bate muje pasand aai thi me chup chap sofe par late gai rat ke 12 baj gaye wo apne lappy par game khelte rahe us din devar bhi ghar aaya hua tha me tv dekhte dekhte sofe par hi so gai or wo kisi se phone par dhire dhire bat kar rahe the mene jese hi karwat li to unhone mob. Band kar diya or fb par chat karne lage me ek dam uthi to dekha 2 bajrae h or wo fb chala rahe h muje bahut gussa aaya mene unse kha ki me sofe par so rahi hu aap itni i tni ratko kis se chat kar rahe h me bhi to dekhu ki biwi se bhi jada important kon h or unhone jhat se apni id band kar di or kaha koi nahi wo to me lappy band hi karne wala tha dosto us rat se hi meri life me bahut bada twist aaya subhah mene apne devar se bat ki tab usne kaha ki bhabhi thoda dhayan rakho bhaia par aapke bhale ke liye hi kah raha hu or phir aapki marji me bat samj nahi pai thi ye roj kisi se bat karte the ghanto ghanto mene pucha to khate h meri bestfrienfd h us se project ki bat karta hu to mene kaha ki wo shadi me kyu nahi aai to khate h ki uske yaha shadi thi to mene kah thik h ab bat karana meri us se muje kafi help milegi us se wo aapke sath 6 sal se h to kafi kuch pata hoga aapke pasand na pasand ke bare me to unhone saf mana kar diya ki nahi wo bat nahi karegi tab muje bada ajeeb laga ki kyu nahi karegi or ek din muje unke lappy se uske or inke photo mile jinhe dekh kar me ek dam sock me aagai ki ye to wahi ladki h or uske sath ese photo means us din muje pata chala ki wo unki gf h or mene unse pucha tab wo mujse ladne lage usi din se unka behavior or badal gaya kyuki sachai to muje pata chal hi gait hi or unhone mujse kaha ki tumne mujse kuch jada hi expectation kar rakhi h ki me tume movie dikhane ghumane firane le jauga me kahi nahi le jane wala ghar walo ko shadi karni thi kardi muje koi matlab nahi tab us din me bahut roi kuch samj me hi nahi aara ha tha ye ho kya raha h mere sath mere dad mom sab ye soch rahe the ki me bahut khush hu kyuki me unhe kuch nahi bata tit hi kyuki unke upar kya gujregi unhone muje itne pyar se pala posa shadi ki itne man se jitna unki hasiyat me tha us se jada hi kharch kiya phir bhi mere sasural wale muje tana marte the ki tumare ghar walo ne diya hi kya h tumare papa ne to tume bhar sa tala h sunte sunte me pagal jesi ho gait hi bas roti rahti nov. oct aa gaya ye sab shank arte karte dimak kam karna band ho gaya rote rote halt bhi kharab hone lagi thi ek din mene inki lappy se mail id khol kar dekhi to usme unhone us ladki ko mail dala hua tha kyuki wo unse bat nahi karti thi usne bat karna band kar diya tha kyuki mene inke fb par married ka event dal diya tha usi ke bad usne bat karna band kar diya or block kar diya tab unhone ye mail dala tha us mail ko pad kar me chakit rah gai usme unhone muje chodne ke bare me likha hua tha pad kar muje to kuch samj hi nahi aaraha tha jab wo ghar aaye tab meri unse kafi bate hui us mail ke bare me or wo mujse ladne lage tab mene kaha ki me ab sabko batugi ki bat kya h chal kya raha h humare beach me inki mom dad ko sab kuch pata tha ek din ratko humara jhagda hua kisi bat ko lekar to papa ji ne muje ulta shida sunaya or kaha ki iska khud ka chakar hoga tabhi ye apne mayke jane ki bat kahti rahti h tujse me bat karuga iske ghar walo se me puchuga ab or beta me teri life shudharuga ye sun kar me to chakit rah gai ki kese ma bap h jo bache ki galti par parda dal rahe h or dusro ko dosh de rahe h mere exam aa gaye the to me apne ghar aa gait hi but exam date postpone ho gai thi or mene ghar me sari bate batai thi or mene kaha ki me ab waha nahi jaugi muje waha nahi jana but mom dad are hum samjayege use esa nahi hota h rahna to wahi padega badnami hogi par kisi neb hi meri filing ko nahi samja kisi ne bhi mere bare me nahi socha mujse nahi pucha ki me kya chahti hu sabko apni badnami ki padi h par kisi ne ye nahi socha ki jab hum ek dusre ke sath khush hi nahi h uske dil dimak me mere liye koi filing hi nahi h to kya karege sath rah kar par nahi raho rahna padega gudda gudiya ka khel nahi h papa mere fufaji or ek bhaia aaye muje sath lekar ki bat kya h par kisi ne mudde ki bat to ki nahi sab ghar ki bat meri sas kahti h ki isko kuch nahi aata jata h kuch shikhaya nahi h wagarh wagarh to mere papa bole kam ka kya h aate karte karte shikh hi jata h inshan par ye kya h ki aap jab dekho tab tana marti rahti ho use esa thodi na chalta h sari bate hoti rahi par jo bat thi wo kisi ne nahi ki bas mere papa ne ye kaha ki is ladke ka kya farj banta h meri ladki ki taraf ye apni responsibility kyu nahi nibhata h par kisi ne sachai janne ki kosis nahi ki sachai ye thi ki uske dad ne bina marji ke uski shadi kardi jiska prnam muje bhugatna pad raha h me wapas sasural aa gai humari first anniversary thi par kuch nahi kiya hum honeymoon par nahi gaye the to ghumne bhej diya oe waha bhi mere pati ka behavior wesa hi raha rukha rukha tab mene kaha ki to yaha lane ki jarurat hi kyat hi sabko kya jatana chahte ho tum hum 5 6 din bad wapas aa gaye jab hum rasthe me train me the tab unhone kaha ek bat kahu muje aaj uski bahut yad aa rahi h hum akshar is train se safar kiya krte the muje bahut bura feel ho raha tha but hakiqt to ye hi h ki chand chutkiyo me 6 sal ka sath nahi bhulaya ja sakta tha to me bhi unki bato ko dil par anhi le gai par jab hum ghum kar wapas ghr aa gaye tab uske 1 2 din bad hi unhone ek bat kahi jo muje jhakor gai ki agar tumare ghar wale lade nahi court chacheri na ho aaps me ladai jhagda na ho to me tume chodna chahta hu agar esa hoga to nahi me badnami nahi chahta apni or anahi apne gahr walo ki ye bat sun kar me rone lagi to khte h me majak kar raha tha ab aap hi batiye esa koi majak karta h or me tumari sadi karauga bolo koi bhi pati apni patni ke liye dusre pati ki sochta h ghum kar aane ke bad se hi inka bartaw badal gaya h mujse thik se pesh nahi aate h office se aate h apne mom dad ke pas bethe rahte h fir room me aate h khana khate h or lappy par work karte rahte h jab me so jati hu tab thodi der bad so jate h subah nasta karke nikal jate h fir din bhar call bhi nahi karte ab aap hi bataiye plz… me kya karu mera man karta h bhag jau ya shusait kar lu kya hal nikal sakta h aap hi batao dosto plz… aage kya ho sakta h meri life me plz muej bataiye





Purva (on 04/03/13) : friends mene aap sabhi ke comment pade h sabhi ka kahna h ki me unhe chod du but mere mom dad ready nahi h wo kahte h sab thik ho jayega ek bacha kar lo sab thik ho jayega but aap hi batao kya bacha karne se sab thik ho jayega unke dil dimak me mere liye pyar peda ho jayega pyar to ahsas h do dilo ka ek dusre ko samjna wo to pata hi nahi kya chahte h samaj me hi nahi aata h aaj humari sadi ko 1 year 1 month ho gaye h or is 1 sal me mene sab dekh liya ki unko meri kitni fikar h or kitni care subah ke jate h din me 1 bar bhi call nahi karte kuch alag hi response h jab se unhone college join kiya h padane ke liye yaha tak ki apne aap ko unmarride bata rakha h waha par bhala ek bat batao koi apni biwi se esa majak kara h kya ki agar tumare parents ladai jhagda na kare cort cacheri na ho to me tume chodne ko ready hu fir kah de ki majak kar raha tha tum to serious ho gai ho us bat ko le kar me kuch dino ke liye apne ghar aai hui thi to ek din bhi call karke bat bhi nahi karte the mera to man bhi nahi tha aane ka but mom sab thik ho jayega ek bacha aa jayega to hume ek bacha chahiye ab aap batao agar aage ja kar wo muje chod kar kahi chala jaye to me apne baby ko lekar kya karugi bataiye uska jeevan kharab nahi hoga kya


Purva (on 18/03/13)  : wo kabhi nahi sudar sakte ab jab unki gf ne move on kar diya h to wo ab jis college me lecturer h usi me kisi mem se flirt kar rahe h us ladki ko to ye nahi pata ki wo married h ye bas ladkio ke jajbatokesath khelna jante h unki feeling ko majak samjte h mujse kah rahe h ki tume kya problem h tum rah to rahi ho ghar me mere sath me apne mayke gai hui thi tab humari shadi ki photo hall me se nikal di kyuki piche se college ki faculty aai thi ghar par koi nahi tha mom dad bhi devar ke pass gaye the ye or inka cousin the dono ne milkar photo ko hataya tha ye bat muje humare ghar kam karne wali made ne bataya tha mene jab pucha ki photo frame kyu uthara to bolte h ki wo achank se gir gaya tha ab aap hi batao jo frame huck se kasa ho jo 1 sal se nahi gira jiski roj safai karti hu tab to nahi nikla or sabse badi bat wo apni mom ki kasam tak kha gaye ki mene nahi nikala muje to rakha hua mila tha muje humare yaha kam karne wali bai ne sab bataya tha ab aap batao jo insan apni ma ki jhuti kasam kha sakta h wo kya nahi kar sakta meri family kyunahi samj rahi uski mom bhi sab janti h mene use wapas lagane ko kaha to mana kar diya kaha ki waha wo nahi lagega koi new wall pic lagegi but wo nahi kyuki wo nahi chahta kisi ko batana ki wo married h yar to shadi kyu ki kyu meri life ke sath majak bana rahe h mummy ji papaji ye sab pata nahi kya chahte hmeri kechin alg kar di sare din apne room mehi rahti huye morning me jate h evening me aate h fir mom dad ke pas bethe rahte hfir market chale jate h kafi der me aate h aaj kal mob. se lage rahte h mob. me pass. dal rakhe h ratko sote time network off kar dete h jab me apne ghar thi tab roj ratko phone busy jata tha mujse bat nahi karte the me bolti msg. karke ki bat karna to 10 baje hi bol dete the ki sone ja raha hu thak gaya hu ek din mene lagaya to busy hi busy ja raha tha me jab aai tab ese hi bat chal rahi thi tab mom bol rahi thi ki wo room me rat bhar kam karte the college ka tab muje bahut gussa aaya ki mujse to bodete the ki so raha hu or kisi or se bate karte h ab aap batao sunday ko konsa college khulta h mene movie jane ki bola tha to kal college ki bol kar chale gaye ki college me bacho ko project banwa rahahu waha ja raha hu new tshirt jens Gogol laga kar sach to ye h ki wo chahta h ki me samne se sabko bol du ki me uskesath nahi rahna chati or wo sarif ban jaye uske upar koi kuch na bole mene ese hi majak kiya tha ki me kisi se bat karti hu to bolte h ki to kab bhag rahi ho uske sath me karwa duga us se tumari shadi ese ladke ke sath kese sari jindgi katu me kyu meri or iski family muje pagal karne par tuli hui h rat bhar need nahi aati h muje bas rona hi rona aata h ese ghut ghut kar kese meri job lag rahi h m.p. me hi pahle to mom bol rahi thi ki kahi bhi job lage hume karwani h ab mana kar rahi h ki hume nahi karwani inhone to bola tha jab noida job ki bat hui thi ki 24 month dur rahlogitomar nahi jaogi ab jab lag rahi h to kyu natak kar rahe h sab muje to kuch samaj nahi aata ye chah kya rahe h me mar jau bhag jau inki badnami na ho meri ho jaye merijindgi barbad karke rakh di h apni marji se kuch nahi kar sakte kahi ja nahi sakti yar ab sahnnahi hota mana wo jada intelligent h handsome h par kisi ko apne aap par itna bhi gurur nahi hona chahiye kisi ki bhawnao ke sath nahi khelna chahiye woladkio ke sath filart karte h unki bhawna ka majak bana rakha h us ladki ko to nahi pata but meri life kyu barbad kar raha h jab use mujse love hi nahi to kyu merilife kharab ki meri jindgi kya muje waps mil jayegi meri khushiya mera bita hua kal wapas aa jayega ab to jindgi dikhawa lagne lagi h esa jeena bhi koi jeena h apne aap me muje nafrat si hone lagi h kya jada hifai ladkiya ko hi sab pasand karte h pyar karte h hum sada simpale ladkiya bekar lagti h to kyu log unki jindgi barbad karte h ise jab me pasand nahi thi kyu apne papa ke kahne par sadi ki mujse usi time mana kar deta kamse kam meri life to barbad nahi hoti


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Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit

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Product Dimensions 7 x 5 x 3 inches Shipping Weight 1.5 pounds (View shipping rates and policies) Item model number 1oz Starter Set(kit) ASIN B00A4FL7NK Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars 213 customer reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #2,494 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing (See Top 100 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing)
#67 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing > Painting > Paints & Finishes
#5,528 in Office Products > Office Supplies

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Angelus Acrylic Leather Paints are the premier paints on the market - sporting vibrant, long-lasting colors. The Starter Kit contains 12 colors in 1 oz. bottles with professionally chosen colors that can match almost any hue. It's the perfect kit to get you up and running fast! Included colors are: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White and Yellow. Will not crack or peel. Water-Based for easy clean-up. Mixable for countless custom colors. Great for crafts and projects. Great adhesion to anything permeable. High flexibility so it doesn't crack. Works on many materials such as leather, patent leather, vinyl, midsoles, tabs and more.

Important information

Directions Prepare: Removing top finish of shoe is necessary. Use High Quality Brushes advised to avoid brush strokes. Apply with a fine paint brush or sponge pad. Allow to dry between coats. Also may use spray gun or a air brush. For best results, make sure acrylic is clean before applying. Clean up equipment with soap and warm water. For higher gloss and scuff protection, apply a coat of Angelus Acrylic Finisher, Satin Acrylic Finisher or neutral leather paint after paint is dry. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 Previous page Next page Ad feedback

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. 5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing product! By Kamee Mitra on September 12, 2015 Verified Purchase Great product! Works amazingly on leather surfaces. I painted my boyfriend the Hulk on a black leather wallet for Christmas and it's been 2 years and it hasn't came off at all! I also purchased the satin finish to go with it. Read more review image 0 Comment | 67 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Seller, Great Paints By Benjamin Bailey on May 16, 2016 Verified Purchase The seller answered my questions quickly and the item came early! I was on a deadline and it was great to have the paints in time for my trip. The paints works well. It's best to premix your colors and add them in carefully (instead of mixing on the canvas/shoes.) If you add some water to the paint, it will bleed into the fabric, getting into some hard-to-get-to spots, but also going on thinner and not as attractively. Experiment and see for yourself. They work well and are help make a beautiful painting. Read more 0 Comment | 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars Great product. By EaglesBane on September 16, 2013 Verified Purchase This is a great product - great mix of colors and and you can mix to make the shades you need. Have pictures to show but can't do it here... Product delivered quickly and in new condition. Would order again. Read more 0 Comment | 10 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it! And I will buy the fall colors for my fall pure. By patches51 on September 4, 2017 Verified Purchase I touch up the hand painted pure I bought, and it turned out great! For the large parts, I use paper towel to smear it. If you gave find lines to make, I would buy a brush! Read more 0 Comment | Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars Fast delivery and he said it is working great. By alexandria on August 28, 2014 Verified Purchase Got this for my BF and he loves it to repair his sneakers (NIKE sb's and Jordan's) we didn't know that it came with little brushes similar to nail polish brushes inside on the paint jar already built in. Fast delivery and he said it is working great. Read more 0 Comment | 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By Ashley D. R. on July 21, 2017 Verified Purchase I love angelus leather paints and these colors were perfect. ill be buying bigger bottles soon! Read more 0 Comment | Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars Hi By yeahmang on March 8, 2017 Verified Purchase Got this today and painted one of my jordans..and it's awesome..I recommend! Read more 0 Comment | Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 stars Best paint for shoes when you want to customize By irene on May 18, 2015 Verified Purchase Can't go wrong with Angelus. Best paint for shoes when you want to customize. Read more 0 Comment | 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse See all 213 reviews Write a customer review

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nice kit that gives you options for use As described. Nice kit that gives you options for use. Published 1 month ago by Lynn 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars Works just like they said it would for painting on shoes. Use a fixative to insure color stays. Published 2 months ago by Cookie 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars Great product! A little goes a long way. Published 2 months ago by Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars Good product. Good job Published 3 months ago by sachiel 5.0 out of 5 stars This is really good high quality leather paint. When I have the urge to be creative with my shoes or for little touch ups, this comes in handy. I don't have to worry about cracking or smudging. Read more Published 3 months ago by Martiz27 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent paints! Easy to use and clean up is ... Excellent paints! Easy to use and clean up is a breeze. Great coverage! Published 3 months ago by bkdeb 1.0 out of 5 stars One Star Ordered kit and came all broken up Published 4 months ago by Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars Love the colors Fast shipping! Love the colors . Can't wait to start painting shoes . Published 4 months ago by rosa gradney 2.0 out of 5 stars DON'T BUY---This paint is so thin and sheer, it is appalling! Buy Tarrago instead!!! This paint is very very thin. I've used other shoe paint in the past, named TARRAGO. Tarrago is much much better, and I wish I could have found a starter kit of THAT brand. Read more Published 4 months ago by Robert 1.0 out of 5 stars One Star This starter kit is not assorted colors it all black paint Published 4 months ago by Sergio Jr Palmero