How To Protect Christian Louboutin Soles

As we know, Christian Louboutin is mainly known for his signature red soles. I happen to think that’s marketing genius. Apart from the fact that he’s an amazing designer, I think his signature has definitely helped him reach the top. What I don’t like is how other shoe designers came up with the same concept but different colors.

Back to the soles….If you have had a pair of replica Louboutins, then you already know that the soles are only that perfect and pretty when they are brand new. Once you wear them the bottom wears off and so the red paint goes away. You are gonna be crazy.

Some people want to “protect” the soles. I, personally, like the worn shoe look. As much as I love the beautiful red on the bottom of my shoe, I don’t mind when it starts going away. I think shoes are supposed to do that. To me they look more real and natural. But I can totally see how some would want to preserve that.

I don’t have any experience with any services or products that do this. However I’m happy to share what I’ve heard others do to protect them. The Christian Louboutin shop in Los Angeles once recommended a shoe repair spot for me to stretch these boots I had just gotten. I figured if they were recommended by them, they were good. When I went there, the lady asked me if I wanted to add a red rubber to the bottom of my shoe so the red doesn’t go away.

She showed me a few different pairs they had just done. It was basically a thin red rubber. They place it only on the bottom of the shoe, the part that would get come off once walking. It’s a cool concept for those that absolutely cannot see the shoes any other way but all red. But for me it just isn’t my thing.

Another company I’ve come across is Protect Your Pumps. They provide a non slip transparent adhesive that you cut and place on the soles of your shoes. It is supposed to protect them from “dirt, grime, unattractive scratches and scrapes”. Have never tried it, but something you might want to consider. So if you care about your Christian Louboutin , pls protect it!

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Replica red soles shoes were coming back!

Today, even heels of the brand of Christian Louboutin sold more than $500, customers still are an endless stream. Tom Cruise even made a custom pair for his one and a half year old daughter, the price was as high as $3000 , we could know the charm of red soles was great from that.

As of March 2012, the firm employed 420 staff members (referred to as Loubi’s Angels) around the world. Most of the footwear is manufactured and produced at his factory in Milan, but he also maintains a small atelier on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, for private clients and one of a kind creations.

New photography captures Louboutins artistic sensibilities, while an in-depth interview reveals Louboutins life, travels, and inspirations, presenting a very personal look at the man behind the shoes. A work of art in itself, with a five-piece foldout binding and a pop-up, Christian Louboutin is an enticing and revelatory look at the most important luxury shoe designer of our day.
I have a question for you people ? Do you think a baby can feel Christian Louboutin styles? After seeing this Extended products you will know the answer.

The shoes he designed may not be the most comfortable in this world , but they must be the most unique. Christian Louboutin is mostly like to use a variety of bright colors into his shoes,especially peep-toe are very popular among his style, With that put logo on the sole red, He use his high heels show the most sexy charm of women. People can not stop falling in love with his shoes.

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Fake Christian Louboutin ‘s shoes online shopping

Junglee by amazon is a really big online shopping website, let us see how Christian Louboutin ‘s shoes are in this website.

The currency is Indian Rupee , the rate between Rupee and US dollar is 62:1, so we can see the price of this red soles shoes , how do you feel the price ? Is it expensive or cheap? And we can see the Seller Rating, almost all of the customers like it .

Nowadays much more persons are spending their money ashore cl and Christian Louboutin women’s shoes than ever before christian louboutin simple pumps, and a developing industry has led to some growth in your number of websites offering christian louboutin studded pumps practice again Tuesday because he doesn’t want to wear Christian Louboutin Shoes shoes.
The replicachristian louboutin knockoffs been able to liberate the normal woman with modest means by being able to give her what she wants and yet not pay exorbitant rates for it. They are the very exact image of their authentic equivalent. When you look at the genuinereplica Christian Louboutin heelsbonafide shoe and compare it with the replica all that you will find is that both of them are equally reliable on your feet and the only difference is in the cost factor.

So we can know each Christian Louboutin shoe is like a magic for men and women , we shall have a look on this brand and you will never regret about it!

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Would You Wear Fake Christian Louboutin-Inspired “Arch Tags”?

There is a all new design of Christian Louboutin shoes–“Arch Tags” . Somebody like it so much , but someone hate it . Today let me tell you people something about “Arch Tags”.

Religious Louboutin shoes and boots tend to be an increasing number of for instance stud for a embellished used higher pumps style. The idea can make that Louboutin obtain a lot more hot in addition to style. I think that a majority of women of all ages would rather that delicate remove layouts.Red Bottom Shoes Through ’09 12 months that rivets started to be able to famous. It really is no more that indication regarding shiny rock and roll, nonetheless turn out to be on the list of frequently ornaments regarding stylish close up shoes and boots. Religious louboutin in addition found this specific pattern in addition to position the rivets within company tradition.

Hey, if you’re going to be extravagant about your shoes this season, you might as well make a difference while doing it, right? What do you ladies think of the “Peace of Shoe”? Isn’t it gorgeous? Would you wear them? Are any of you giving gifts with a charity angle this holiday season?

What do you people think of Arch Tags? Are they a clever way to dress up a neglected part of your shoe, or an attempt to capitalize on Christian Louboutin’s idea? Would you wear a pair? I am gonna tell everyone : every new design appear must have its reason , whether we like it or not , pls continue to support Christian Louboutin brand , thank you !

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Fake Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers

Once we talk about Christian Louboutin shoes , we will thin about women ‘s shoes , but do you know Ch breitling-superocean-42-rid-0.html. дешевоristian Louboutin have some special shoes for men ? Let us introduce Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers to you people .

A chance encounter between British Fashion Award-winning designer Patrick Grant and Christian Louboutin led to collaboration, and this Monday, for the fifth consecutive season, Patrick Grant’s E. Tautz’s walked the LCM catwalks in custom Red Soled creations.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Lynn is trying something new – after years of mixing menswear into his collections for women, the designer presented a full men’s line at London Collections: Men, featuring two new pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes: a Chelsea Boot and a mid-top sneaker, both boasting elastic straps that emphasize Lynn’s theme for the season: protection.

Constructed of canvas, with prominent piping seen on four colourways, alongside a classic white on white, the sneaker communicated the ease seen in the collection, with the flash of our signature Red Sole adding an element of surprise.

Are Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers amazing? Do you feel the charm of Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers? I have already fall in love with them .


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Air Louboutin Replica –the ultimate travel slipper

Christian Louboutin lovers will know that a pair of Red Soles can take the wearer to new heights, literally. Thanks to the Air Louboutin, you can ascend to even higher altitudes; this soft slipper has been crafted especially for plane travel.

To succeed in having a Nude for all women, Christian Louboutin may begin color-matching consumer’s skin tones for the most accurate, true-to-life shoe shade. Bespoke options are common in the footwear sector.

Paris Fashion Week ended in a sprawling Garden of Eden with accessory designers Yazbukey. Governed by sensual, shell clad goddesses draped in white silk gowns and pink flamingo leather gloves, the Aphrodite-esque models donned Yazbukey’s tongue-in-cheek Plexiglass accessories.

Surrounded by serpents, exotic flowers and drum playing temptresses, Yazbukey’s girls danced and played in red and white patent Fififa 100, pumps finishing off the season in another paradise. Do you like this kind of style?

Intended for indoor wear, this luxe flat comes outfitted in soft leathers and fabrics and is finished with artfully placed ruching and a supple, red leather sole. As well as the iconic sole, Air Loubi comes adorned with another Christian Louboutin signature: a demure, grosgrain bow.

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My dear friend , today I would like to tell you a new design of Christian Louboutin shoes , it calls the ultimate travel slipper , it is amazing , I promise you guys will never wear a shoe like the ultimate travel slipper . When you wear it , just like you stand on the cloud , Yes , they are so comfortable.
This month, the Nudes relaunch with four new silhouettes, two core– Iriza and So Kate – and, for the very first time, two seasonal styles, Deepik and Dorissima.

The Dorissima—expected to be a favourite, is a single-sole, timeless pump with a heart-shaped toe box and a thin sky-high heel. “It’s important to evolve the style and have fun with it,” he says of Dorissima. Christian views So Kate as having the ideal heel height and although “re-arranged in terms of toe cleavage,” it resembles our most iconic style, the Pigalle.

As for the Iriza, it boasts a very high arch and sexy attitude. “There’s something very naked and raw about the Iriza,” says Christian.

The new season welcomes four new festive finishes., from opulent satin styles in jewel-like Eveque and Lie de Vin, to metallic options adorned with Platine-gold nappa laminato, and classic Black nappa.

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It’s all known that Christian Louboutin shoes have many kind of styles , today let me tell you guys a new style of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Other key themes are pastels versus bold colors, and laser cut shapes versus PVC. Both motifs appear in the Aqua Ronda and Miss Rigidaine designs, with their panels of aquamarine-tinted PVC and high-contrast detailing.

Leading the season’s key styles for women is From Sand, a sandal-boot hybrid. This new take on the gladiator sandal features open toes and heels, and a super soft knee-high boot in black nappa leather or beige suede. It’s transitional dressing with a touch of Spartan chic.
The signature shoe named after the designer’s favorite Parisian quarter, Pigalle, made its first appearance during Fall/Winter 2004-2005. Since then, the steep curved stiletto with its pointed toe and needle-sharp heel has gathered disciples the world over, not only for its dizzying height but its transformation each season from the original glossy black to sparkling sequins or sleek snakeskin.

From Hello Kitty and My Melody, to sheer facemasks and traditional Hokusai illustrations, Le Tan brought to life a deeply personal portrait of Japan. Custom designed Christian Louboutin platforms inspired by traditional geta sandals worn by Geishas, were revisited through the eyes of iconic photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and the art of kinbaku robe bondage.


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Christian Louboutin Replica always takes care of customers

Christian Louboutin ‘s career has taken some unexpected turns, including interning as a teenager at the Folies Bergere music hall theater in Paris. The experience was instrumental to the development of his design aesthetic.
In April, Mr. Louboutin told New York magazine’s The Cut, he planned to work to reflect a realistic marketplace with seven Nude shades in total, sold exclusively at New York department store Bergdorf Goodman. But, he acknowledged that there is still room to improve.

Some people want to “protect” the soles. I, personally, like the worn shoe look. As much as I love the beautiful red on the bottom of my shoe, I don’t mind when it starts going away. I think shoes are supposed to do that. To me they look more real and natural. But I can totally see how some would want to preserve that.

Currently, Christian Louboutin offers five shades of Nudes: the lightest being Lea and the darkest being Ada. Nats, Maya and Safki are shades in the middle ranging from honey to chestnut.

But as long as women continue to covet his designs he maintains that the sky is the limit in terms of what he can design. “For me there ain’t no high heel high enough,” he said.
And we all should believe Christian Louboutin shoes will be more and more comfortable.

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Fake Christian Louboutin celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Pigalle shoe

Today I would like to introduce a really nice design of Christian Louboutin , we call it the Pigalle. It ‘s a classic style and people love it so much. It looks like designer put the elegant into this shoe , I can ‘t imagine how women look like if they wear this shoe.
Christian Louboutin ’s Nude collection launched in 2013 and only included lighter shades of beige, reflecting a limited understanding of the world. By expanding the color options of the Nude collection, Christian Louboutin is taking an inclusive approach to its worldwide consumer base.


The Nude collection has been wildly successful, but namesake founder and designer Mr. Louboutin felt that there was room to expand the color options.

Luxury brands must also take demographics into consideration.For example, the United States is the most important market for the industry right now. Individuals from the country make up more than 40 percent of the searches.

So what kind of style would you guys like ? The classic or the fresh style? In my viewpoint , I would like the classic , because every classic style shoe has been proven by time . In the river of time , so many people like this this style . What are you guys waiting for ? Go and find your shoes , my friend !

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