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A Regional Vision...

Passenger Rail Kansas is a grass roots advocacy organization, dedicated to the preservation and expansion of service in Kansas and the surrounding region. 
Trump budget seeks to end Amtrak's LD network but Congress holds purse strings
March 26, 2017

       President Trump has proposed zeroing out federal funding for long distance Amtrak services. Long distance services in the area include trains such as the Chicago- Kansas City-Albuquerque-Los Angeles Southwest Chief and the Chicago-St. Louis-Dallas/Fort Worth-San Antonio Texas Eagle.

       State supported corridors depend on the long distance network for survival. The Oklahoma City-Fort Worth , Heartland Flyer and the St. Louis-Kansas City Missouri River Runners depend upon long distance services for ridership. A loss of these long distance services would likely end most state supported services as ridership would drop by at least 30 percent.

       This is not the first time a politician has proposed such a zero budget. However, every political game is different. How negotiations will play out is unknown.

       Is this a crisis? Not yet, but it is also a good time to remind Senators Roberts and Moran; and Representatives Marshall, Jenkins, and Yoder, of your concern. Let them know you use the Southwest Chief and it is important to the state economy. We have heard Senator Moran is opposed to the funding cuts so thank him for his support. Remember, they hold the purse strings.

       Contact information for Kansas